Warhaggis is the personal domain name of Joe Davison and very little else. In 2011 it seemed like a good idea to register a domain name, so I did.

Collaborator EVILGUY created games that we 'published'. It was very puerile but a guaranteed source of entertainment for us. Meanwhile warhaggis.com steadfastly remained "my domain".

Now in 2020, as we approach the 10th birthday of Warhaggis, it is still functioning as it once did only now it supplements my home network and other such nonsense. You can mostly read about stuff I do on my blog as you pretend that it is 2009.

Largely, I am fervently holding on to the concept of the decentralised web and refusing to let go of my own services.

My "professional" work is carried out over on ScoutLink where I am the lead systems administrator. If you are involved in Scouting it is an especially cool network to join.

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